His vision as a teenager was to make his own clothing to emulate his older brother’s sartorial style. Alas, igniting the beginning of a Fashion legacy for himself. As a fashion design student at Thomas A. Edison High School and under the guidance of tailoring instructor, Christopher Ramsey, Ron applied his innate passion for fashion and never looked back. 

 During the early years, designing womenswear was Ron’s focus, which came easy to him, but soon afterwards, menswear eventually took precedent. After several years working under master pattern maker, Michael Pedalino, Ron was able perfect his skill, mastering the areas of pattern making and garment construction. In ’92, Ron eventually moved on to open his first design studio, “Ron Wilch Custom Design”, located in central Philadelphia. 

Ron’s entrepreneurial vision for the city, and ambition to unify artists, led him to produce the first annual “Outdoor Fashion Festival” called the “Fashion Montage”. This commitment to the apparel industry, and revitalizing the manufacturing division led to his recognition as the “FASHION CZAR of Philadelphia”, by the former Mayor of Philadelphia, Governor Ed Randell. Ron has received numerous citations for his diligent and enthusiastic efforts to develop growth of the apparel, design, and manufacturing industries. Not only has Ron custom designed for a host of Hollywood celebrities, and government officials, he has a wealth of experience that is invaluable to the common designer. He is dedicated to reevaluating, and reinventing his genius.  

It was a successful eleven year run of the Fashion Montage, since then, Ron has expanded into new ventures. He opened the “Fashion Lab”, which is a manufacturing hub for fellow designers. He also produced the Annual Fashion Expo for artists to showcase their works.  

Ron Wilch has earned his accolades and is undoubtedly a Master at garment construction for men and women. As of September 2015, his newest venture, The Wardrobe Clinic, which he describes as a “lost art”, has positioned him as a “5 star, #1 tailoring service in Philadelphia.” Ron is described as, “The Wardrobe Doctor, at the Wardrobe Clinic.”

According to Yelp.com.  

It’s a new day in Ron’s life, he is grateful for his wife Julie, who has supported his vision, which has at many times required great understanding, patience, and love. Creativity is emotional, the reward is the ability to get up, dust yourself off, and fight another day to realize your dreams!